Writing Style Tips for Business School Admissions Essays

You’ve stared at your application essay questions for hours on end, finally overcome writer’s block, and identified which key experiences to showcase in your admissions package. However, you realize unique and relevant content alone will not get you into your dream program; you now face the challenge of delivering your topics with style.

Keeping in mind the most common writing bloopers our clients make, we’ve outlined below helpful tips to assist you as you pen down that all-important admissions essay.

Use the Active Voice

“I will always remember my visit to Wharton,”

is better than,

“My visit to the Wharton will always be remembered by me.”

This is particularly true if you are writing for a US program. Perhaps it’s the country’s culture of independence, free will, unlimited opportunity, and action – who knows? – but most US English teachers urge their students to write in the active voice. Sentences in the passive voice are generally regarded as wordy and less vigorous toprankeronline.com. In contrast, writing in the active voice, in which the sentence’s subject completes an action, is seen as more impactful and thus more interesting to read.

In addition, sentences in the active voice are almost always more concise than those in the passive voice. For example, in the example above, the sentence in the active voice cuts out the words, “by me”. In an era and culture in which time is considered money, the faster you can say your piece, the better toprankeronline.com.

Craft Assertive Statements

Similar in its effect to writing in the active voice, putting statements in the positive form, or avoiding noncommittal language, will make your admissions essay more impactful.

First of all, beware of your use of the word, “not”.

“She was not dressed in a professional manner,”

is weaker than,

“She was dressed unprofessionally.”

Secondly, taking out the word “not” often makes sentences more concise.

“Ignored” means the same thing as “did not pay any attention to”, for instance.

You will also sound more resolute and thus stronger in character tutorideas.com if you avoid unnecessary auxiliaries and conditionals.

“If you would let me know of the admissions decision, then I would be happy to mail you the tuition deposit,”

sounds less powerful and committed than,

“If you will let me know of the admissions decision, then I shall be happy to mail you the tuition deposit.”

Write concisely

Most admissions offices ask that you express yourself in a limited space, whether that is 300 words, 500 words, or, if you’re very lucky, 1000 words. There is a good reason for this. Admissions officers are, for the most part, very busy professionals who must make difficult decisions that impact applicants’ life paths. Although they need to glean a great deal of information about each candidate to reach admissions decisions, they, like everybody else, have only 24 hours in a day rankershubs.com. In other words, they have neither the time nor the energy to read your entire life story.

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